Using an ATM card in different locations has inspired this

In places like Palmgrove, Anthony or Ikeja, using my ATM Card is comfortable, no hassles, and no queues, in less than 3 minutes, I’m done. But compared to locations such as Iyana-Ipaja, Sango and the likes, the queues are always long, for there are incessant crowd, using the facility.

This portrays the evidence that people are relocating in large droves to new, cheaper locations, studies have shown that central Lagos will soon experience a population explosion. Which automatically means direction of growth for neighbouring places such as Mowe, Ofada, and other developing communities.

Plots of land and houses are still relatively cheap in these axis for now, foreseeing developments ahead of time has made many become billionaires!

Can you see the future now?

Try land banking investments, and solve tomorrow’s housing problems.

All billionaires are problem solvers.

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