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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Gold City Estate is located at Lumpa Village under Ibeju/Lekki Local Government, Lagos State.Treasur
  • e Island Estates & Treasure Homes are located at Ori-Lemo Community via Papalanto InterchangeRoads in Ob afemi-Owode LGA and another one at Agbara-Igbesa directly behind the Chinese Free Trade Zone,
    Ado-Odo Otta LGA. Ogun State.


No! The Lands are free from government and adverse claim.

  1. Outright Payment: GOLD CITY – N1.8million; TIE Mowe/Ofada – N850,000; & TIE Agbara – N2.5Million ; Treasure Homes 2 Bedroom Terraced Units – N5million Naira.
  2. Installment/ Initial Deposit: Gold City & TIE Agbara – N500,000 respectively,Others N100,000 or more. Treasure Homes 2 Bedroom Terraced Units N1.5miliom Initial Deposit.
  3. Corner plot attract an additional 10% charge.
  4. Commercial plot attract an additional N500,000/N300,000 charges as applicable.

N.B: After the initial payment, you are expected to pay the balance monthly.
Non-payment as at when due will be regarded as fundamental breach of agreement which can result to 10% at the end of the twenty month agreed before subsequent payment after another 3 months of non-adherence to the 10% charges.

(600sqm.) For Gold City, Ibeju and (648sqm.) for all other Estates except in a PRIME LOCATION.

  • Survey Fee
  • Deed of Assignment Fee
  • Developmental Levy will be communicated later
  1. Survey and Deed of Assignment fees should be paid before commencement of building projectsexcept for your plots are for investments-to- resell purposes.
  2. Development Levy will be determined later

Official Receipt, Acknowledgment Letter and Contract of Sale.

Yes, all the roads to our Estates are motorable.

Development timeline is between 6 months to 2 years.

Immediately after 100% payment has been made.

You can start construction once physical allocation has been made to you.

After allocation, In other to control weeds, clients are advised to take immediate possession of their lands as money incurred on abandoned weed-grown plots would be levied on the allotee.

Yes, the estate layout is in sections and you are limited to build houses on each section based on the (duplex). Note, “face-me- I-face- you (tenement building) and high-rise houses will not be permitted. All building designs must conform to the required set back of building control of the estate and such design would
be approved by the company and appropriate government authority afterwards.

Yes, a subscriber who has paid up on their land can resell their plots. ARCVIEW INVESTMENT LIMITED would require the seller to furnish the company with the details of the buyer.

We strongly advise that cash payments should be made to ARC-VIEW INVESTMENTS LIMITED at its designated banks. Otherwise, cheque(s) should be issued in favor of ARC-VIEW INVESTMENT LIMITED. We shall not accept any responsibility for any liability that may arise, as result of deviation from the above instruction.

Yes, you can get a refund BUT YOU CAN ONLY RESELL YOUR PLOT(S) BY YOURSELF, IF YOU HAVE BEEN DULY ALLOCATED. However there is a strict 25% administrative charge to be deducted before refund. Refund
will be made within 180 days of application;

Yes, you can apply for refund only if you have not been allotted your plot(s). In the event of refund,you are required to give the company 180days notice to process your refund and further 60 days if the process isn’t complete after the 180 days. The refund shall be processed and paid 25% (Administrative fee and others)

Yes, but you will have to pay for it differently.

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